“I Don’t Want Anybody To Call Me A Nollywood Actor” – Jim Iyke

Nigerian superstar Jim Iyke whose acting profession in the Nigerian motion picture industry took off in 2001, in an interview with Pulse Nigeria discussed a part he would love to play, and why he wouldn’t like to be named ‘a Nollywood performing artist.’

“I have never assumed a G.ay part and I have no want of playing anything like that. I have had a long profession, a great deal of films, I have essentially extended everything that there is. “However, is there a part out there [that I haven’t played]?

I can’t think about any off the highest point of my head.” He, be that as it may, uncovered the genuine character he would love to decipher on screen. “It’s a man with the profundity of Denzel [Washington.] Denzel isn’t only a performer, that is the means by which I would prefer not to be seen also.

“That is the reason I’m continually going now and again to go teach myself some more, lift my mind some more, put resources into things that are outside the limits, bomb in numerous more things and prevail and I go.”

He additionally expressed that he wouldn’t like to be labeled ‘a Nollywood performing artist,” sharing his reasons. “I don’t need anybody to name me a Nollywood on-screen character. I need to be an agent, I need to be an altruist, I need to enable individuals in my lifetime, to leave my mark in the stamps of time. I need individuals to wake up and say ‘hello, on the off chance that you didn’t do this, this wouldn’t haven’t happened. Also, I need to state the same of individuals.”

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