Mompha: “See The Photo Of Hushpuppi’s Father’s Taxi In Lagos”

Mompha versus Hushpuppi is all you have to peruse today, as the Two Big Boys are going truly hard on themselves via social media, spilling grimy privileged insights about each other.

It began, with classicbaggie, and Mompha chose to come in the meat… Mompha blamed Hush for being a phony ass fellow, and uncovered that Hush’s dad is a cab driver, and his mother, a bread dealer.

Hushpuppi reacted, and shared a few visits he had with Mompha , Hush even guaranteed Mompha is a nark, as he Launders cash for government officials, and he’s a witness for the EFCC.

Presently, Mompha has answered him, and shared a photograph of Hushpuppi’s Father’s Taxi.

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