P-Square Beef Is Very Fake & Just A Game — Kenny Ogungbe

The well known pair, P-Square, who clearly have gone separate ways, stood out as truly newsworthy when a video cut surfaced demonstrating the three siblings exchanging words which practically prompted a Fight.

Be that as it may, Kenny Ogungbe, trusts it’s every one of the an exposure trick to prepared their fans for another track. By means of his famous show on Kennis FM, Baba Keke is being cited saying;

“I am certain they have a huge show coming up in December and they are using this as a publicity stunt. They have more than 100 tunes and individuals who called us on the radio inside 15 minutes, asked for around 29 of their melodies.

“In the event that you are separating in the wake of recording around 100 tunes, will you separate to record another huge melody as a performance artiste? At what age? What number of tunes would they say they will discharge that would be up to what they have discharged as of now? At what age would they like to do that when individuals are occupied with tuning in to tunes discharged by more youthful artistes? Quote me anyplace that I said it is a GAME.”

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