Speed Darlington Talks About How He Fought Bouncers At His Concert

It seems everything did not go well at Speed Darlington’s ‘Bangdadadang Concert’ this end of the week. The Self styled ‘ENERGY god’ got exceptionally furious when a bouncer and two of his friends attempted to enter his scene without purchasing tickets. He got exceptionally furious, battled them and won.

Checkout what he said below:

‘I don’t play. Don’t play with my money. So fucking proud of myself I took care of business. Niggas thought am regular. They didn’t know my music is a cover for my madness. The actual fight my lawyer said not to post it because I plan to sue club ALS and it’s owner for allowing uninvited bouncer and his crew to enter a space where I paid $800 cash without any receipts because he doesn’t want to pay tax ask @djbackbr3aka. Bouncer showed up and started putting hands on me because I won’t let him in without paying me 1st’.

‘At that moment show was over but my time was not over at ALS. Thank God I was mentally ready for whatever that night so my balance or back didn’t touch ground. You know how much humiliation that would have been for me if I reach ground? I don’t have kids I have plenty of time I will sue ALS for assault and once I do that ALS will direct me to the Bouncer. And I will sue him too’.

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