You Wont Believe How Banky W Helped This Woman

Content creator and Positivity Advocate Mary Ero shared this story on her Instagram page and it is so intense!

It is an update for every one of us that occasionally we should simply “show up” and be there for another person.

she composed:


So today this happened. At first glance it may resemble a customary big name/offspring of-captivated parent photograph opp yet there is a more profound story here.

Around 8 years prior, while around a half year pregnant with this young lady here, I fell onto horribly tough circumstances. I have chronicled its majority on my online networking stages however to compress it, I was relinquished by my tyke’s dad, lost my home, was kicked out unceremoniously from my activity at MTV for reasons unknown, and to crown everything, analyzed HIV positive.

Soon after that, my then closest companion, with whom I was staying, chosen she had enough so I was given an ousting notice.

Long story short, I started to connect with my companions and colleagues to attempt to get the pieces, get a place to stay, convey securely and proceed onward. Get the job done it to state that for all intents and purposes none of my superstar ‘companions’ at any point came through. These were individuals who might call me constant when I was in MTV yet all of a sudden, I was imperceptible.

The main individuals that did were this man, @bankywellington, and @funlolafar. (Funlola I don’t consider a companion yet a sister, or most pessimistic scenario my cousin anyway.😊) What was entertaining is that them two had no learning of the circumstance I was in. I think this will be the first run through Banky will know about it. I just revealed to him I was endeavoring to fund-raise for a place, I think.

In those days @bankywellington had not verged on being as fruitful as he is currently. However the following morning, before 7am, he had driven from his place in Lekki, to my home in Magodo with money for me. What’s more, of course, an embrace.

Presently one reason individuals are frightened to request help particularly cash from companions is that the progression of the relationship changes after somebody has bailed you out. Individuals who give all of a sudden vibe to some degree better than the collector or even feel that the recipient is a tedious diversion. Not constantly but rather a ton of the time. Notwithstanding, with Banky there was never that clumsiness. I met him a few more circumstances as I figured out how to get recovered throughout the years and he never carried on like anything like that happened between us. He was constantly warm, continually embracing, constantly kind.

Today at ICM which I took my little girl to completely by fortuitous event, I kept running into him doing his envoy obligations at the Samsung stand. This would be the first occasion when he would see my little girl ever. I had no goals of her bringing pics with him however he just got her and asked ‘where’s your camera’? At that point he started to disclose to her how he and I go path back. It was whatever I could don’t to cry a bit. As we cleared out, my girl asked “Would he say he is a celebrated individual”? I said “Yes. Be that as it may, all the more essentially, he is a decent individual.”

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